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your dedicated locksmith clapham service blue keysDedication is something which we value highly as a service which is here to provide reliable services to the wonderful people of the community. We show and put our dedication to work in many areas, one of which is availability.

Having a locksmith Clapham service in whom you can place your trust and reliance, no matter what time the clock states or what situation and service you are in need of, you can trust us in being ready, and doing all in our power to ensure that your issue comes to a resolution as quickly as possible.

Readying ourselves for your potential urgent need, the vehicles are packed the tools are cleaned and ready and of course the team is prepared to be called on at any time. So save the number of a locksmith Clapham service who sees it as a top priority to provide reliable and efficient emergency services for those times of desperate need.

Having experienced and seen many lockout scenarios you can also expect your locksmith Clapham service team to be fully understanding of your situation. With sincerity and severity we will help your situation in the best way we can, which in the vast majority of cases is nothing less than instantaneous resolution. As of yet your emergency locksmith Clapham service team have yet to meet with a lockout situation in which access could not be granted in an efficient manner to the customers wishes. And with the addition of always carrying high quality spare parts and spare locks ready for installation, should a lock replacement or repair be needed, it can often be done right there and then on the spot saving you the hassle of having to arrange it for another day.

Call your locksmith Clapham service team now if you are faced with an emergency situation, and call at any time to book in for any other of the vast range of services available from our wonderful team.

Locksmith Clapham

Your locksmith Clapham service team providing information and insight

There is very seldom only one factor of any security situation, and most commonly there are many risks of different types which different properties and situations require.

For instance, the needs for a security in residential area and an industrial one are quite different. And if you come to this lovely team with your needs you will always be well taken care of by the friendly team.

home security with your locksmith clapham service

One that can help you finding the right security products and solutions for your privately owned house or your business property. Speaking with a locksmith Clapham service team who is educated in the field, dedicated to providing you and your business the service you require and happy to share the knowledge which has accumulated here during the years of practice.

Prices is also something that your locksmith Clapham service team keep in mind for you. This so that you will always have a great value for the investment you make, as well as to help ensure that a small budget or fear of a high cost never stops one form putting proper security means at home or at work.

Protecting yourself and your assets is much simpler than you might first thing, calling on your locksmith Clapham service for assistance is something that you can do at any time which suits you, and if you need emergency help in a situation right this instant, rest assured that there will be someone at the end of the line should you call the number for us.

In short, your dedicated locksmith Clapham team is here for you, when you need it, and with what you need for your home or your business, so call now.

A Locksmith Clapham service always dedicated to you

locksmith clapham lockIf you are in search of a high quality service which is dedicated to you in the area, why not get in touch with your long running and traditional, but modern locksmith Clapham service.

Getting high quality locks installed on your doors and windows has never been easier, or more convenient.

The dedicated Locksmith Clapham team here will always be able to arrange for repairs, replacements, security inspection and much more at a time suiting to you.

And for getting spare keys cut, why not trust in the trained and professional precision locksmith Clapham key cutter experts here?

If you have any questions with regards to your locks or your security at home or at work you can trust in us to know what is current of  Locksmith Clapham quality and how to get installation done for you quick and easy.

Simply meaning that your home or place of work can be up to date, safe and secure, as soon as by the end of the day. The price of our locks starts at £7 for locks collected in store and does not include VAT.

All Hours Locksmith Clapham

For the reliable and available 24 hour locksmith Clapham service, call any time. There will always be someone picking up the phone here, ready to come to your aid when you need it the most. So put our number in your phone book or save it on your electrical device, and be sure to never need another service number again.

A trusted and well recommended locksmith Clapham service which will cover all your needs at competitive prices, means that you can get the service and security you need at the convenience of a phone call. The friendly team welcomes your questions and inquiries, and with years of experience in the industry you can rest assured that the job is done right every time, no matter what it is that you need.

locksmith clapham keySo if you are in need of a spare key, if you’ve been locked out of your own property, if you want to install a security system at home or at work, please feel free to get in touch with the dedicated team here today. Your locksmith Clapham are passionate about everything keys, locks and security, and on top of that locksmith Clapham are dedicated to providing you with services and products of the highest security standards, ensuring safety for you, your family and your business.

And in the case of an emergency lockout situation, you can rest assured that there are no lockout situation your Locksmith Clapham cannot handle, and with your urgency in mind we always ensure to arrive swiftly to site, equipped with all tools needed for the job.

Business or Residential Locksmith Clapham

For private and business customers alike, Locksmith Clapham have a wide range of different security solutions and products available, and the team is always keeping a close eye on the market, we can bring you the latest and most applicable products for your situation.

So feel free to get in touch with your locksmith Clapham today, for any of your needs and with any of your questions or security concerns.

The importance of anti-pick locks with your locksmith Clapham expert

If you’ve never given much thought to your own Locksmith Clapham home security and locks at home, the available methods for burglars to gain entry to your home may seem surprising. This is why your locksmith Clapham team would like to bring you this video, showcasing just how quick and easy someone can gain entry though a lock if proper protection is not provided.

This video is for informative use, and is not here to scare you, however tools such as the one used in the video is available for anyone to buy as a hobby tool. Ensuring that you are aware of the risk, and that you give adequate thought to your security at home is the priority of your locksmith Clapham team.

Here you can also read a related article on the same subject.
If you have any questions when it comes to your lock at home, feel free to speak to your expert locksmith Clapham service who will be able to help you find the right products and protection for you.

Locks by Locksmith Clapham

clapham junction locksmith

Here at Locksmith Clapham we can deal with a large variety of locks as well as us having our vans fully stocked with brand new quality locks, here is just a few of the locks we carry with in our vans as well as a list of the few we can deal with!

  • Yale Locks – Standard household lock that will automatically enable a latch once the door is closed – thus securing the door once closed! This is one of our most basic locks therefore it is very easy to open (if you know how), which does make it one of the cheaper locks to pick open due to how quickly us here at Locksmith Clapham can open it for you! It also means we can open this lock without damaging the lock itself or the door!
  • Mortise Locks – Deadbolt type lock, can either be fitted with a thumb turn on one side which is more commonly fitted on a bedroom door, the Mortise lock that requires a key either side is most commonly fitted on main front doors to increase security – Can be fitted on sheds/garages etc by locksmith Clapham. – This is a medium security lock so will take a little longer to pick open, but no job is too big for us at Locksmiths Clapham!

A place to find your keys

your locksmith clapham's key finding suggestionYour locksmith Clapham service team meet daily with people who have been unfortunate enough to have lost access to their home or their office or workplace.

This is a common occurance that the team here has tremendous understanding for. If you are currently without access and require it urgently don’t hesitate to get in touch, you can call at any time and expect the rapid and professional locksmith Clapham service team to be there to aid you in your times of need.

There are countless of causes of lost access, some of the of course unavoidable and as chance sometime has it, things just end up that way. However, one of the things which we do hear about often which is something to work against, is that of lost or misplaced keys. In order to keep the risk of lost keys down the method of always keeping them in the same place works. If you have a routine for your keys, a special place, chances are that you will find them there next time you think you have lost them.

Often our busy minds are preoccupied with thoughts of what has been, or what is coming next, and that is part of our busy lives. Many things we do on routine and reflex, so for your caring locksmith Clapham service team it makes sense to ensure that you have good habits for where you keep your keys.

If you need the emergency lockout service, feel free to get in contact now. Should you have any questions about our emergency service or any other of our wide range of key, lock and security related service you can all and book in for an appointment at your next nearest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

Simple means to a more secure home with your locksmith Clapham expert

your locksmith clapham helping you find simple home security solutionsClose to the team here being one of individuals who value workmanship and the satisfaction of doing a job well, is also the concept of simplicity. Of course by studying anything in detail there is valuable insight to gain, however keeping it simple is often proving more complicated than it could be. In the light of simplicity, we would also like to inform you of a very simple way to greatly improve on your home security situation.

Calling your locksmith Clapham home security experts today, you can book in for a security checks which will not only provide you with the option of upgrading your locks, your alarms and so forth to ensure you are protected against current threats, but you will also gain great insight to your own security situation.

By speaking with your locksmith Clapham expert, you will be able to find out how your home could become more secure, though placement of outdoor lights, effective installation of any security features, and in by learning what good and bad habits are when thinking from a security perspective.

This locksmith Clapham service team have, in the most dedicated way, helped a countless number of home owners to a better situation in an affordable and efficient way. By making sure that we are competitive in prices, as well as provide applicable security to your situation, you will find that choosing this locksmith Clapham service to help with your security, will bring you both great value for money and the excellent customer care that comes with a provider who values tradition and community.

Call your locksmith Clapham service team today to book in for a security check and feel free to ask any questions you may have, we are always happy to help.

A locksmith Clapham expert to check your locks

your locksmith clapham security lock checksThe team here would like to send out a message with regards to a security risk which is widespread and something which one can easily work against as long as the point is brought into attention. Of course as a dedicated service provider of home security and working with locks, it’s only natural that this is something which comes to mind easily for us, however it may not be the case for all. The simple point of good lock calibre and keeping entry point security up to standards, will not only help you reduce your risk of burglary, but also act as a powerful deterrent.

Your locksmith Clapham service team knows that today many homes have locks which are spotted easily by an experienced thief. Many locks which are commonly used are quickly bypassed by someone who knows what they are doing, and that is also the reason to why our team recommends that you have your lock checked. To keep your home safe, not by providing physical protection should your home be targeted, but also to avoid being targeted in the first instance.

Get in touch with your locksmith Clapham service team today to find out if your locks at home or at work are of the standard they need to be to avoid unnecessary risks. By coming to a quick and price competitive locksmith Clapham service team you will be able to find the upgrades you need at affordable prices. So don’t leave your home in the hands of bad odds, speak to an experienced expert about your locks today, perhaps even book in for a full security survey in which you will be taking the first step in a more secure direction, regardless of if it is for your home or for your work.

Your locksmith Clapham service promoting home security awareness

your locksmith clapham promoting home security awarenessSome state knowledge to be power, and although we will not go as far, the team here does believe that simply by being aware of some few factors when it comes to your own security situation will help it improve without much effort. The first factor of creating a secure home is simply to know what the most common and easily avoided areas of risks are.

If you need assistance, or if you are searching for advice from a trained professional don’t hesitate to get in touch with your locksmith Clapham service today. The team here can help inform you to the highest risk factors to your particular area and point out where you could benefit from some upgrades and improvements. Having your home inspected by trained eyes who are educated to the rising risks out there is always of great benefit, and will help you move forward with your plan to bring your security up to required standards.

Your locksmith Clapham service team would like to bring into light the importance of ensuring that you have outdoor lighting for the dark areas around your home, in addition to putting a reminder out to ensure that no advertisement of your valuable goods are left in view though windows.

Your experienced locksmith Clapham service would you also like to bring up the commonly stated, yet often forgotten reminder to ensure you make a habit out of always closing windows and locking doors before you leave your home. This extends also to the point of ensuring you don’t leave things open and unattended, there are countless of cases reported where someone have just left the backdoor open for a few moments, enough time to have valuable electronics such as smartphones and laptops pinched. So keep aware, and keep security in mind, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your specialist locksmith Clapham service today.

Locksmith Clapham offer Home Security.

locksmith clapham lock handleHere at Locksmith Clapham we try to give our customers of this area a few bits of security advice especially if they have had a break-in, but we could spend hours talking about ways to increase your homes security, so we will tell you our ideas here!

To start, just getting your locks updated to a newer version can be the difference between being 100% secure and being broken into! We carry a wide variety of locks so any lock replacement job can be done the same day with a 1 year guarantee on all of our locks!

We can also deal with multiple lock installments as long as you have the time because we would need to do carpentry on the door to fit the locks. So call your local locksmith Clapham today and we can book you in for a time that suits you!

Installing a Locksmith Clapham spot-light.

If you have a large back garden, especially in the winter with the dark nights coming, having a garden light with a motion sensor is a very good idea to see any threat that may be there. Flood lights with a basic motion sensor in your back garden will detect any movement in your garden which could be enough to frighten away any possible intruder. So call your local Locksmith Clapham today and we can even install a basic motion sensor for you!

Fake Locksmith Clapham Security Systems.

Fake security systems are a great way to stop intruders getting into your home (or business). A burglar would want an easy target with little to no chance of being caught, if he sees the security system on your home he is less likely to attempt to break-in. Your Locksmith Clapham recommend getting these put onto your home to help make your home more secure. There are fake systems that will flash a small red light and look exactly the same as the real thing! Its almost impossible to tell the difference. Call us today and Locksmith Clapham can help improve the security of your home or business the same day!

Your caring locksmith Clapham

your caring locksmith clapham there with what you needOne of the first and foremost factors in being able to provide customers with the best possible service, is for the team here the nurture of genuine care. How can you provide the best security solution that your years of experience in the industry has educated you in if you are not completely invested in the task at hand?

Your locksmith Clapham team are always training, always keeping an eye on the industry market and are always keeping your best interest at heart. And no matter what the job is that you need doing, the full attention and full dedication of your service provider will be put to it. Bringing you the best of what is currently new on the market, and keeping your security at home or at work in line with what the latest news dictates, is something that your friendly locksmith Clapham service does with pleasure.

If you have any question, or if you are in need of any of our services, please don’t hesitate to call your locksmith Clapham service number today, you will always find an experienced expert at the end of the line to help with your inquiry. Everything from day to day services such as key cutting, lock repairs, lock changes to more extensive and bigger one off jobs can be found here from a locksmith Clapham service team who holds the most genuine care for you as the customer at heart through the process of all jobs and all new security installations provided. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch today to see how your locksmith Clapham security expert can help keep your home or your business in the safest way possible.

Get a dog say Locksmith Clapham

locksmith clapham 24 hour serviceHaving a pet is a great way to help increase the security of your house! It provides a visual deterrent for any potential burglar and will help scare them away if they choose to try and break-in. Its very unlikely that someone will try to break-in if there is a dog in the house! A dogs hearing is almost 4 times that of a regular person, so it allows them to hear even the quietest sound.

Not only do they protect the house while you’re not there, they also protect it whilst you’re out too! Our locksmith Clapham says they also make really great pets!

Securing your Locksmith Clapham windows!

Whilst the locks on your doors are your are of main importance for your locksmith Clapham home security, don’t neglect other areas of entry that may be subject to a break in!. Windows are merely made of glass so are an easy access focal point of someone trying to break in to your home; this is both a a danger to your safety and belongings, and also causes great damage and costs to your property. Allow our trusted and trained Locksmith Clapham to install window locks across your range of windows to add high security to your property, keeping you protected.

No job is too large or too little for Locksmith Clapham so no matter how many windows you want us reinforcing, call us today to install your window locks!

Showing off new electronics, simple advice from your Locksmith Clapham expert.

clapham common locksmiths

Here at Locksmith Clapham, we would like to make sure that you don’t make yourself a potential target of a home invasion. This is done by leaving the box of the brand new electronics you’ve just got (especially now with the Christmas period), whether its a new flat screen tv, a new xbox or playstation in the front garden for all to see.

Here at Locksmith Clapham we know how exciting it is when you get new electronics like phones and gaming consoles, but you need to remember that leaving the boxes outside your house acts as a large sign for any opportunistic thief to see. Which is why we would like to make sure you dispose of the boxes in a proper way.

Locksmith Clapham would like to suggest that you bring the boxes to your local recycling station and having the boxes disposed of there. This then creates less clutter for your front garden and removes any temptation for thieves.