The skills and training required for perfection

golden doorFor our team at London Locksmiths, nothing less than perfection on every job is good enough. Security is vital in order to protect your property, your loved ones and your investments, and not something that the team here takes lightly. This is why we keep on the training, as well as ensure that we keep on the market, meaning that the products that we provide are always of the highest standard and up to date with currently known threats. So if you agree with us, and see security and safety for your family, home and business, make sure that you use our trusted service for all your lock and security needs.

With new products that hit the market to battle new security threats, the team here always takes on the training required for perfect installation. On top of that, though out the year our providers know how to open a mortise lock and does regular training both via official industry bodies as well as on our own. And of course before we take on any new products as part of our own products range, we ensure that they are of valid nature, and applicable for use for our customers. All products recommended and installed by the team here come from trusted sources and known brands in the industry, and as we treat each security situation which we provide a security solution for as our own. You will struggle to find a service as good as ours anywhere.

Security inspections with our local team

security inspectionIf there is anything that you are wondering with regards to your own security at home or at work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your dedicated team today, and if you would like you can book in for a security inspection performed by one of the trained team here. You will be able to do so at a time suiting to you, the team here is flexible, and if you need to book in after regular working hours, we are happy to arrange and accommodate for that.

With a security inspection from a trusted and trained contractor, you will not only find out where you may benefit from a security upgrade, but also learn about good security practices and find tips and tricks in order to keep a good security situation where you are at. This means keeping good habits, and ensuring that simple things like outdoor lighting is put in strong strategic placements from a security point of view, and that the right type of security and locks are used for your outdoor structures and hidden windows. Please feel free to call our number today and book in for your security inspection.

A long history of helping people in need

With having provided emergency lockout help for a countless number of people, the team has come across all types of lockout scenarios. With this in mind you can trust us to get you access fast. And with non-destructive methods always being the first choice, in the wide majority of cases, no damage is caused to the lock and can be used as normal after.

Of course if your keys have been lost its recommended that you change the lock to ensure that you are sole key holder to your property, and with quick high quality up to standards locks in stock this can be resolved in a quick manner with minimum inconvenience to you should it be required. So if you find yourself locked out of your house, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today with any questions you have today. Being available for 24 hours a day, the team is happy to answer any questions you may have. And with hands on practical experience in our history, you can trust us with your lockout and security needs.

Up to date high security providers

there with what you needOne of the first and foremost factors in being able to provide customers with the best possible service, is for the team here the nurture of genuine care. How can you provide the best security solution that your years of experience in the industry has educated you in if you are not completely invested in the task at hand?

We are always training, always keeping an eye on the industry market and are always keeping your best interest at heart. No matter what the job is that you need doing, the full attention and dedication of our team will be put to it. Bringing you the best of what is currently new on the market, and keeping your security at home or at work in line with what the latest news dictates, is something that we do with pleasure.

If you have any question, or if you are in need of any of our services, please don’t hesitate to call our number today. You will always find an experienced expert at the end of the line to help with your inquiry. Everything from day to day services such as key cutting, lock repairs, lock changes to more extensive and bigger one-off jobs can be found. Our team prioritises care for you as the customer. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. You’ll see how you local security expert can help keep your home or your business in the safest way possible.

How to quickly and simply improve home security

24 hour serviceHaving a pet is a great way to help increase the security of your house! It provides a visual deterrent for any potential burglar and will help scare them away if they choose to try and break-in. Its very unlikely that someone will try to break-in if there is a dog in the house! A dogs hearing is almost 4 times that of a regular person, so it allows them to hear even the quietest sound.

Not only do they protect the house while you’re not there, they also protect it whilst you’re out too! Our locksmith says they also make really great pets!

Securing your windows!

Whilst the locks on your doors are your are of main importance for your locksmith home security, don’t neglect other areas of entry! Windows are made of glass so are an easy access point for someone trying to break in. This is both a danger to your safety and belongings. Moreover, it also causes great damage and costs to your property. Allow our trained Locksmith to install window locks across your range of windows to add high security to your property, keeping you protected. Not only this, but our experts provide simple tips on how to improve home security.

No job is too large or too little for Locksmith. No matter how many windows you want us reinforcing, call us today to install your window locks!

How to protect your house over the holiday – simple advice from your local Lock experts

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We would like to make sure that you don’t make yourself a potential target of a home invasion. This is most notably done by leaving the box of the brand new electronics outside for all to see – especially now with the Christmas period. Whether its a new flat screen tv, a new xbox or playstation, keep its packaging inside and stop your house being seen as a target.

We know how exciting it is when you get new electronics like phones and gaming consoles, but you need to remember that leaving the boxes outside your house acts as a large sign for any opportunistic thief to see. Which is why we would like to make sure you dispose of the boxes in a proper way.

We suggest that you bring the boxes to your local recycling station and having the boxes disposed of there. This then creates less clutter in your front garden and removes any temptation for thieves.

Locksmiths Of Clapham UPVC Door Repairs

Broken UPVC doors? Some companies will tell you it has to be replaced, but why replace when you could just repair it? Here at Locksmiths Of Clapham we repair UPVC doors to save our customers money and time.

Our team has lots of experience in fixing, replacing, and fitting UPVC doors and windows all over Clapham! No security system is a challenge to us. With years of experience we can tackle any sort of problem with no fuss and no hassle, we aim to be as swift and efficient as we can possibly be making minimum disruption to your surroundings while we’re doing the job. We work with all makes of door and window, single or double glazed which means we can deliver the right package of work to your needs and specifications. With our expertise on UPVC doors and windows you can trust your local Clapham Locksmith to get the job done quickly and properly. Locksmiths of Clapham have a 24/7 phone line where you can speak to one of our friendly staff for a quote or just to discuss a job.

Locksmiths of Clapham is here for you, we’ll reach you quickly and resolve your issue in the quickest most cost effective way. Some companies will encourage you to buy new UPVC doors to get more money out of you, but if we can fix your door back it’s original state then we will. Our friendly team are here to help call us today!