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Locksmith Clapham can deal with a large variety of locks as well as us having our vans fully stocked with brand new quality locks, here is just a few of the locks we carry with in our vans as well as a list of the few we can deal with!

  • Yale Locks – Standard household lock that will automatically enable a latch once the door is closed – thus securing the door once closed! This is one of our most basic locks therefore it is very easy to open (if you know how), which does make it one of the cheaper locks to pick open due to how quickly us here at Locksmith can open it for you! It also means we can open this lock without damaging the lock itself or the door!
  • Mortise Locks – Deadbolt type lock, can either be fitted with a thumb turn on one side which is more commonly fitted on a bedroom door, the Mortise lock that requires a key either side is most commonly fitted on main front doors to increase security – Can be fitted on sheds/garages etc by locksmith. – This is a medium security lock so will take a little longer to pick open, but no job is too big for us at Clapham!

A place to find your keys

key finding suggestionYour locksmith  meet daily with people who have been unfortunate enough to have lost access to their home or their office or workplace.

This is a common occurrence that the team here has tremendous understanding for. If you are currently without access and require it urgently don’t hesitate to get in touch, you can call at any time and expect the rapid and professional locksmith service to be there to aid you in your times of need.

There are countless of causes of lost access, some of the of course unavoidable and as chance sometime has it, things just end up that way. However, one of the things which we do hear about often which is something to work against, is that of lost or misplaced keys. In order to keep the risk of lost keys down the method of always keeping them in the same place works. If you have a routine for your keys, a special place, chances are that you will find them there next time you think you have lost them.

Often our busy minds are preoccupied with thoughts of what has been, or what is coming next, and that is part of our busy lives. Many things we do on routine and reflex, so for your caring locksmith it makes sense to ensure that you have good habits for where you keep your keys.

If you need the emergency lockout service, feel free to get in contact now. Should you have any questions about our emergency service or any other of our wide range of key, lock and security related service you can all and book in for an appointment at your next nearest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

Simple means to a more secure home with your lock expert

helping you find simple home security solutionsClose to the team here being one of individuals who value workmanship and the satisfaction of doing a job well, is also the concept of simplicity. Of course by studying anything in detail there is valuable insight to gain, however keeping it simple is often proving more complicated than it could be. In the light of simplicity, we would also like to inform you of a very simple way to greatly improve on your home security situation.

Calling your locksmith home security experts today, you can book in for a security checks which will not only provide you with the option of upgrading your locks, your alarms and so forth to ensure you are protected against current threats, but you will also gain great insight to your own security situation. We can assist with latch locks, rim locks, chubb locks and any other type of lock you need.

By speaking with your locksmith expert, you will be able to find out how your home could become more secure, though placement of outdoor lights, effective installation of any security features, and in by learning what good and bad habits are when thinking from a security perspective.

This locksmith have, in the most dedicated way, helped a countless number of home owners to a better situation in an affordable and efficient way. By making sure that we are competitive in prices, as well as provide applicable security to your situation, you will find that choosing this locksmith service to help with your security, will bring you both great value for money and the excellent customer care that comes with a provider who values tradition and community.

Call your locksmith  today to book in for a security check and feel free to ask any questions you may have, we are always happy to help.

A locksmith expert to check your locks

security lock checksThe team here would like to send out a message with regards to a security risk which is widespread and something which one can easily work against as long as the point is brought into attention. Of course as a dedicated service provider of home security and working with locks, it’s only natural that this is something which comes to mind easily for us, however it may not be the case for all. The simple point of good lock calibre and keeping entry point security up to standards, will not only help you reduce your risk of burglary, but also act as a powerful deterrent.

Your locksmith service knows that today many homes have locks which are spotted easily by an experienced thief. Many locks which are commonly used are quickly bypassed by someone who knows what they are doing, and that is also the reason to why our team recommends that you have your lock checked. To keep your home safe, not by providing physical protection should your home be targeted, but also to avoid being targeted in the first instance.

Get in touch with your locksmith today to find out if your locks at home or at work are of the standard they need to be to avoid unnecessary risks. By coming to a quick and price competitive locksmith service you will be able to find the upgrades you need at affordable prices. So don’t leave your home in the hands of bad odds, speak to an experienced expert about your locks today, perhaps even book in for a full security survey in which you will be taking the first step in a more secure direction, regardless of if it is for your home or for your work.