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Our team work 24 hours a day – 7 days a week to bring you the highest quality service in the industry! We work 24/7 so you won’t be left helpless outside your home/business – No matter the time of day or night, we always aim to get to your home within 30 minutes! With no call-out charge! All this combined with the quality service that we provide, as well as a 1 year guarantee on all of our locks makes us the perfect choice for any situation!

So call locksmith Clapham today on 0203 538 2774 to speak to one of our trained staff who will help you with any issue you may have! We only provide the highest quality service! Our trained staff are always happy to talk (and help) no matter the time of day! They can help you with finding a perfect lock for any situation, as well as helping to find out the type of lock you have on your door to give you an exact over the phone quote for the job you have.

We work residential and commercial lockout situations and have experts trained in every field, including cars, homes, safes and all other types of lock related issues! We can even deal with security installations including CCTV and motion sensors, just let us know and we can book you in for any time that suits you best to install it, no matter how many you would like installed, no matter how big or small the job is, we can do it for you!

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Feedback for our team

get in touchOne of the things which keeps us motivated here at Locksmith Clapham is the involvement of our customers in making our services more idea. This applies to any of the work that you have done by us, and we are always happy to receive any feedback that you may have for us.

Here, your locksmith service team is dedicated to your service, and if there is anything that we can do to improve the quality of what we provide and how we provide it. You can rest assured that we are always working to improve. This also applying to the website.

If you have any comments or remarks or questions, you can always use the form to get in touch with the team here, who are always happy to receive it. If you have suggestions, or if you have questions with regards to the content or any service that you need feel free to at any time get in touch.

With an active Clapham service team, ready to assist when you are in need, or when it suits you, you have the flexibility to make home security, business security and day to day key and lock related requirements as easy as making a phone call. On top of that, with a service, close to home who listens and cares for your security, you will be able to leave matters in the hands of a team of experts who has your best interest at heart.

Call today, at your next convenience, or at any time to speak to your local security service providers when you find the time. Locksmith Clapham are available at your convenience and in your times of need, so save our number, and if there is anything else meanwhile which you would like to send us a message about, please feel free to use the contact form above.

Improving garden security

promoting home security awarenessSome state knowledge to be power, and although we will not go as far, the team here does believe that simply by being aware of some few factors when it comes to your own security situation will help it improve without much effort. The first factor of creating a secure home is simply to know what the most common and easily avoided areas of risks are.

If you need assistance, or if you are searching for advice from a trained professional don’t hesitate to get in touch with your us today. The team here can help inform you to the highest risk factors to your particular area and point out where you could benefit from some upgrades and improvements. Having your home inspected by trained eyes who are educated to the rising risks out there is always of great benefit, and will help you move forward with your plan to bring your security up to required standards.

We would like to bring into light the importance outdoor security lighting for the dark areas around your home, in addition to putting a reminder out to ensure that no advertisement of your valuable goods are left in view though windows. This is merely the beginning of to improve garden security. Another good idea would be to install a mortise lock or a gate lock on the entrance to your property.

We would you also like to bring up the commonly stated, yet often forgotten reminder to ensure you make a habit out of always closing windows and locking doors before you leave your home. This extends also to the point of ensuring you don’t leave things open and unattended, there are countless of cases reported where someone have just left the backdoor open for a few moments, enough time to have valuable electronics such as smartphones and laptops pinched. So keep aware, and keep security in mind, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your specialist us today.

We offer the best in Home Security.

lock handleWe try to give our customers of this area a few bits of security advice especially if they have had a break-in, but we could spend hours talking about ways to increase your homes security, so we will tell you our ideas here!

To start, just getting your locks updated to a newer version can be the difference between being 100% secure and being broken into! We carry a wide variety of locks so any lock replacement job can be done the same day with a 1 year guarantee on all of our locks! At the very least, we recommend you learn how to maintain locks, something that can save you both time and money in the future.

We can also deal with multiple lock instalments as long as you have the time because we would need to do carpentry on the door to fit the locks. So call today and we can book you in for a time that suits you!

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