What is meant by a rim lock?

What is meant by a rim lock?

There are many who stop and wonder what a rim lock is when it’s brought up in conversation. The pause is often too short to come up with any answers. Which is why our specialists would like to help you clarify it.

what is a rim lockRim, as the dictionary states means on the edge or on the outside of. It refers to the outer edge of an object or a surface. A rim lock then means that the lock is attached to the surface of the door. As opposed to a deadbolt lock or a chubb lock which is situated inside of the door.

The most common type, and some call it the original is used across the UK. The standard night latch lock is a rim lock. This type of lock usually works with a spring. Meaning that you can shut the door from the outside and lock it without a key. On the interior part of the lock, a lever is mounted which is used to unlock.

Rim locks come with different security standards and grades. To choose the right lock for your door, contact a professional. Our experts are happy to assist with your rim lock choice at any time. Quotes are made competitively, fast and all work is carried out at times convenient for you. On top of that, the majority of rim or latch lock changes are quick. Our technicians are skilled and our vans stocked.

A rim lock is a good security measure, which works best in conjunction with other security features. A little bit of exploration and investment in your security will go a long way. Deterring factors, coupled with good locking solutions will keep you safe and secure. Together with your belongings. It might even help you rest better at night time. Don’t wait with securing your home or business. Call us now and speak about your security, rim locks or any other type of locks now.