What is a chubb lock?

What is a chubb lock?

The name comes from Charles Chubb, the inventor of the first model of this high security lock. In its time one of the most secure locks, which was as early as 1837. And it remains a secure lock brand today. The original design have of course changed. And although the lock originated in the UK and the inventor was active here. The company was bought up by the assa abloy group. Which is a Swedish based company. Also well known for their high quality and high security locks and mechanisms.

An old fashioned chubb lockTo guarantee yourself a high security lock today. A sure choice is to go with what is generally known as a chubb lock. The design is immaculate, up to date, and protects against present threats of both violent attack to bypass the lock. As well as intellectual attempts to get through the door with skill and tools.

Speak to our generous and friendly lock and security advisers today if you are interested in finding out more about a chubb lock. Or if you are searching to find the professional installation that a chubb lock needs. There are other lower priced alternatives to the chubb lock, but if you are searching for excellence and perfection for your door security. A chubb lock is right for you.

Before making any decisions on what locks or security to put in place at your residence or workplace. Speak to a professional security and lock installer by calling our number now. Locks, keys, alarms and high security is our speciality. Chubb locks are something our skilled and experienced team warmly recommend. If you have questions. Feel free to phone us at your next closest convenience.

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